Wellcome to Yogamidwife`s teaching

Birthworkshops for couples, women and private consultations.
Create network and meet other english speaking women and families. Danish women are wellcome to participate, and extend the network. For more info

Yogamidwife Camilla Lund Sørensen
Midwife, Yogateacher and Mother

When submitting to a workshop you recieve an email to confirm your booking, when confirmed you recieve an email with workshop/payment-info. Be aware that this mail end in your spambox.

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Write to Camilla on kontakt@yogakey.dk to arrange a date together with other couples  



Womens breath and body workshop
Learn how to use your body and breathing during birth.
We will learn tecnics to handle contractions, how to breath and moove through birth.

The tools comes from Yoga and a long midwifery tradition, and will help you to connect to your self during birth. It will ease your contactions and help you to understand pain, and you will learn how to relax and stay peacefull in heart, mind and body. Terms: the fee is non refundable. This workshop is included in The full birthworkshop for couples.

The workshop is included in the long birthworkshop.





Birthworkshop  – prepare for birth – couples 
English birth preparing classes. We will talk about natural birth, and what can happen during birth, if the birth does`nt progress as planed. What can midwifes and doctors do to help you in theese situations. What is possible in Denmark, medical help, birthing positions, massage the birthbreath and pain reliefe. You and your partner will learn how to handle contractions and use the body and breath during birth.
How is it to be the father or helper during birth, what is expected and how is life in the new family, whats the options in Denamrk after birth. The day will be just as relevant for the mother and the father, and will fully prepare you for birth. I belive that knowledge and the birthing techniques, will make you feel calm, ready and prepared.
You will learn to give birth massage and will recieve a questionnaire before the actual class so the day will be tailormade, for the participating couples. Price 1500 kr  5,5 hours  Terms: The fee is non refundable.

 Write kontakt@yogakey for info on new dates